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AD-05-0800: SuperSens Very High Sensitivity + 3 Alarm Levels + B


SuperSens Very High Sensitivity + 3 Alarm Levels + Bar Graph



The highly sensitive TITANUS SUPER·SENS® is ideal for use in clean rooms or IT areas where it is essential to detect fires at the earliest possible stage despite high levels of air dilution:
  • Clean rooms, such as computer chip manufacturing plants, 
  • CD/DVD production
  • IT areas with high levels of air conditioning


Basic equipment  TITANUS SUPER·SENS® /G /R /RS
max. number of sampling holes 24
max. pipe length (with max. number of sampling holes) 200 m
Monitored area per sampling hole  Corresponds to one point-type smoke detector in accordance with VDE 0833-2
Monitoring of pipe systems for breakage and obstruction  Optional adjustment for individual hole monitoring**
Double-knock detection  Possible using detector box

Sensitivity detection

  - (Sampling holes in accordance with EN 54-20:
  - Classes A, B and C max. 24)

Info-alarm: up tp 0.002 % LT/m*
Pre-alarm: up to 0.004 % LT/m*
Main alarm: up to 0.006 % LT/m*
Alarms 3 (Info, Pre and main alarm)
Fault alarms  Cumulative report (volt free contact, either via NC or NO)
Alarm and fault relay power rating  1 A, 30 V DC, max. 24 W
Clamped connections  Max. 2.5 mm²
Displays on device
  - Info, Pre-alarm and main alarm 1 red alarm display for each
  - Smoke Level 10-step bar graph display (20 segments)
  - Fault    Yellow collective fault
  - Operation Green operation display
Operating voltage  24 V DC (14 - 30 V DC)
Max. quiescent current (at 24 V DC)  245 mA (at standard fan voltage of 12 V)
Max. alarm current (at 24 V DC)  320 mA (at standard fan voltage of 12 V)
Dimensions (W x H x D)  240 x 366 x 132 mm
Weight 2800 g
Protection category  IP 20
Temperature range  -20 °C to + 60 °C
Humidity (permanent)  10 % to 95 % relative humidity
Extended period in corrosive atmosphere Electro-plated version TITANUS SUPER·SENS® /G
Event log  Built-in
Connection of external alarm notifications  Parallel display optional
Network capability  Able to accept an Ethernet network card
Redundant fan  Built-in*
Approved in accordance with EN 54-20, Classes A, B, C:
   - VdS-No.  G 201035
  - BPRI-No.  0786-CPD-20781
* depending on version  ** depending on project design



  • Model: AD-05-0800
  • Shipping Weight: 2000gms

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