Advanced MxPro 4 Range

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MxPro 4 panel range now Obsolete.

As from 1st January 2023 the MxPro 4 panel range is now obsolete.

As per early notification in July 2022, we now confirm that as of 1 January 2023 all MxPro 4 Series panels and fitted peripherals have been made obsolete. This decision was based on several factors:

  • Alternative products, offering enhanced functionality, are available within the Go and MxPro 5 ranges.
  • We intend for all our panels to have cloud connectivity in the future – the MxPro 4 does not support this capability.
  • A number of MxPro 4 components are becoming increasingly scarce as technologies move on.

To ensure full support for all installed MxPro 4 panels, we are committed to the ongoing supply of MxPro 4 spare parts for the foreseeable future.

In addition, we would like to remind you that existing MxPro 4 systems are able to be extended with additional control panels from our MxPro 5 Series which will operate as regular networked panels within an MxPro 4 system.